Web Application

Qleverlabs is well versed with following languages:-


it’s a truly platform independent programming language that supports many operating systems as well as hardware. It can be used to develop web as well as mobile applications. Java uses strong memory management. There is lack of pointers that avoids security problem. There is automatic garbage collection in java. There is exception handling and type checking mechanism in java. All these points make java robust. Java is secured because It has no explicit pointer, Java Programs run inside virtual machine sandbox, Its classholder adds security by separating the package for the classes of the local file system from those that are imported from network sources, bytecode Verifier checks the code fragments for illegal code that can violate access right to objects, Security Manager determines what resources a class can access such as reading and writing to the local disk. These securities are provided by java language.


Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Magento provides new ways to heighten user engagement, smooth navigation, improve conversion rates and overall revenue generation for store owners. It has well-organized business user tools that enhance the user experience of the software. Newer version of Magneto has certain benefits such as improved page caching, enterprise-grade scalability, inbuilt rich snippets for structured data, new file structure with easy customization, CSS Pre processing using LESS & CSS URL resolver, improved performance and better code base.

Angular Js:

- It is an open source JavaScript framework maintained by Google, that assists with running single-page applications. Angular J’s data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of that code one has to write in other case. Everything happens in the browser itself, making Angular J’s an ideal partner. Java script components Apache Cordova, the framework used for developing cross-platforms mobile apps. It aims to simplify both the development and the testing of applications.


It’s the world’s most popular content management system, which is best for developing web-based applications that require maximum functionality with minimum code. Script written in PHP executes much faster than those scripts written in other languages such as JSP & ASP. PHP source code is freed available on the web; you can develop all the version of PHP according to your requirement without paying any cost. PHP are available for WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX & UNIX operating system. A PHP application developed in one OS can be easily executed in other OS also. IT is compatible with almost all local servers used. PHP code can be easily embedded within HTML tags and script.


It’s the latest and most enhanced version of HTML, which is specifically a mark-up language. HTML5 includes detailed processing models to encourage more interoperable implementations; it extends, improves and rationalizes the mark up available for documents, and introduces mark up and application programming interfaces for complex web applications, because of that HTML5 is also a candidate for cross-platform mobile applications, because it includes features designed with low-powered devices in mind.


It’s an open source blog tool and publishing platform which enables you to automatically share posts across social media, publish quickly, bring photos into your blog, manage drafts and many more. It is misunderstood as just a blogging platform. It is considered as the easiest and most popular CMS tool due to its features. The main feature of WordPress is its versatility and feasibility to use. There is no use of coding and designing skills for creating a website on this. Even a non-technical person can also create a website with the help of WordPress easily. It is free software, there might be some cost involved during web hosting.


It’s the most popular HTML, CSS and Java script framework for developing responsive, mobile friendly websites. It is absolutely free to download and use. It is a front-end framework used for easier and faster web development. It includes HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation and many others. It can also use JavaScript plug-ins. It facilitates you to create responsive designs.


It’s a platform built on chrome’s JAVA script runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. It follows a single threaded model with event looping. Node.js is highly scalable because event mechanism helps the server to respond in a non-blocking way. It cuts down the overall processing time while uploading audio and video files. Node.js applications never buffer any data. These applications simply output the data in chunks. Node.js has an open source community which has produced many excellent modules to add additional capabilities to Node.js applications.